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We are a forensic consultancy that operates in support of predomiately legal firms of small and large scale, government agencies, corporate bodies and the private individual.


We routinely provide assistance in relation to problems involving all manner of document problems, most notably disputes involving:

  • Handwriting;
  • Signatures;
  • Anonymous material;
  • Authorship of wills and estates;
  • Disputes over legitimacy of land titles and mortgage documents;
  • Authorship of cheques;
  • Quesions as to the dating of documents;
  • Medical records, file notes and history logs;
  • Graffiti and similar workplace altercations; and
  • Alterations or insertions to contracts and other documents.
Our examinations utilise a range of equipment such as stereo microscopes, electrostatic indentation detection devices, infrared, visible and ultra-violet illumination and detection equipment, computer imaging systems and electronic processing methods. 

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As part of our service, we can often be required to further examine the documents for latent finger impressions and provide an adjunct service in relation to same.

Similarly, we routinely assist members of the public in relation to United States, Canadian, Singaporean, Malaysian and related countries fingerprint requirements. This includes the completion of forms such as the FD-258 and includes the sighting of identity documents and the on-forwarding of this material to the relevant agency. 

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